The Beaumaris Rowing Club was established at the RAYC in 2013.  The exciting sport of Celtic (Sea) rowing has since proved very popular and we have been taking part in races locally and nationally.  We row here in Beaumaris and also take the boats touring and racing which is great fun. Rowing is an incredible sport for physical fitness and suitable for everyone no matter what level of fitness and ability.  We row all year round in Beaumaris so come along and have a go!

Anyone who would like a free taster row can contact the organizer through the Rowing Club website

The Celtic Longboat’s we use are based on the Irish Curragh. Longboat rowing clubs have been set up along the whole coast of Wales and we regularly compete against each other.  We train every Wednesday and Saturday.

The Welsh Sea Rowing Association administers Longboat rowing and organizes league and one-off special races. The WSRA website has useful information about the sport at

There is long history of rowing on the Menai Strait. A Strait Regatta poster for 1830 offers races for six-oar boats and four-oar gigs. The first Beaumaris Rowing Club was founded in 1873 and a copy its 1876 rule book is preserved in the Anglesey County Archive.

Further details and news can be found on the BRC web pages.