Beaumaris New Years Day Tug of War

At the very last minute, members of RAYC managed to scratch together a team of 7 men to compete against the RNLI, local farmers and “The Magnificent 7”.  Equipped with scruffy jeans, trainers and hangovers from the new year celebrations, our team of 7 brave soldiers took to the grassy green to pull their hearts out, first beating the farmers in their very first team pull.

Unfortunately this was short lived as the end result was 2:1 to the farmers, and ultimately our boys finished 4th overall (Sounds better than “Last”): Better luck next time lads!

The Winning team was the local RNLI who also went on to win the tractor pulling competition at 40 seconds to pull the length of the course, and raising £225 for their local charity.

All in all a great day & great fun, many thanks to the organisers, teams and spectators who visited the club for bloody mary’s, mushroom Soup and sausage rolls.

Photo Credit: Dickon Clark