Management Committee

The RAYC is run by a team of volunteers:

Officers of the RAYC:

Commodore Mr Gareth Dixon
Vice Commodore Mrs Stevie Scanlan
Rear Commodore Miss Anna Pretious
Rear Commodore Mrs Lesley Bebbingon
President Mr Rhys Davies
Hon. Secretary Mr John Laing
Hon. Treasurer Mr Nick Tebbutt
Hon. Membership Secretary Mr Barrie Yates
Hon. Sailing Captain Mr Ewan McEwan
Hon. Volunteer Co-ordinator Mr Raymond Beer

Gareth Dixon, Commodore

Gareth Dixon
Gareth Dixon

Gareth (Bob) Dixon came to Anglesey in 1962 via Northumberland and Fiji.  A past HMS Conway student Bob joined the Merchant Navy with Shaw Saville and Albion in 1970 as an Engineering Officer. Bob also worked with the Gwynedd Ambulance service as well as spending 25 years with Transocean Offshore the largest ultra deep-water drilling contractor in the world, working in Aberdeen, Houston, Jakarta, Lagos and Perth.  Bob is passionate about Anglesey and the culture of the Island and is looking forward to helping the RAYC develop its sailing and rowing activities on the Menai Strait.  Bob has been a member of the club since 2003.

Bob sails Fife number 35, Tarka.

Stevie Scanlan, Vice Commodore 

Anna Pretious, Rear Commodore 

Lesley Bebbington, Rear Commodore

Rhys Davies, President

Rhys DaviesRhys DaviesRhys Davies was brought up overlooking the Menai Strait in Menai Bridge on Anglesey. He is a fluent Welsh speaker and divides his spare time between sailing in the summer and rugby during the winter when he coaches a local junior rugby team. Rhys started sailing on Fife No. 37 Muscadet when he was 18 years old.

Rhys is a Chartered Town Planner. Having studied Town Planning at Leeds he returned to Anglesey for a few years before moving to Cardiff with his wife Sasha. Rhys worked for a private practice in Cardiff, then spent 8 years in Manchester working as Head of Planning for the Co-operative Group.  In 2005 Rhys and his family returned to Anglesey and set up a town planning consultancy practice in Conwy. Rhys is now Managing Director of Cadnant Planning Ltd in Conwy.

Rhys has been a member of the RAYC since 1992 and was Chairman of the RAYC Fife Association for 5 years Rhys still sails Fife No. 37 Muscadet and will give all new Members and visiting sailors a warm welcome.

Management Committee: Chaired by Commodore Gareth Dixon

The Officers of the Club and :-  Mr Ioan Shah – Mr Gavin Morgan – Dr Andrew Fowell – Mr Patrick Blackmore – Mr Graham Parker – Mr Hugo Breen-Turner

Sailing Committee: Chaired by Vice Commodore Stevie Scanlan

Sailing Captain, Mr Ewan McEwan – Mr Hugo Breen-Turner (Fife) – Miss Anna Pretious (MSOD) – MrT Knowles (Rowing) – Mr Gavin Morgan – Mr Andrew Dickie (Race Admin)-Mr Ray Beer

House Committee: Chaired by Rear Commodore Anna Pretious

Rear Commodore Lesley Bebbington – Mrs.Julia Blackmore – Mr Ioan Shah – Mr Gavin Morgan – Miss Mary Flower – Mr Mike Hardie – Mrs Sally Williams – Mrs Sue Bellringer – Mrs Sian Davies – Mrs Rachel Robins – Mr Antony Robinson – Mr Rob Elias

Youth Sailing Group:

Vice Commodore Stevie Scanlan – Mr Ioan Shah – Mr Antony Robinson – Mr Dick Tudor – Mr Gavin Morgan – Mrs Elin Powell