About us

There are many benefits of membership at the Royal Anglesey Yacht  club, not least of which is our idyllic location, overlooking the mountains of Snowdonia and the Menai strait in the historic town on Beaumaris.

For around £3 a week, our members enjoy:

  • A family-friendly club providing sailing and rowing in one of the best locations anywhere.
  • Free membership for children who’s parents are members.
  • Use of the clubs two Dart 16 catamarans.
  • A large dingy compound for boat storage and a club boat shed with boat storage at a reasonable cost.
  • Access to the clubhouse, with changing facilities, showers, galley and licensed bar.
  • Entry in our organised racing series.
  • A professional bosun to ensure that we are safe on the challenging Menai strait.
  • Three safety boats.
  • Full insurance for racing.
  • RYA Affiliated.
  • Subsidised RYA Powerboat training courses.
  • Youth training sessions in Sailing and Rowing – a very active and popular section of the club.
  • Regular social events at which members meet and socialise.
  • Club racing on Wednesday evenings, Saturdays and some Sundays between May and October.
  • Informal sailing days and taster sessions for novice sailors and rowers.
  • Subsidised rental of our function rooms boasting amazing views of the mountains and Menai Strait.

our members also benefit from:

  • A well run club, operated by a large volunteer base.
  • Being part of a long and distinguished history of Sailing and Rowing in Beaumaris.  The club was founded in 1885.
  • Our racing is based on enjoyable club competition.
  • We are at the centre of the superb annual 2 week Menai strait regatta.
  • A great team of volunteers who work hard to offer a good social programme for both sailors and non-sailors and their families to enjoy throughout the year.

We welcome applications for membership, which should be accompanied by the membership fee or a direct debit instruction, download the forms and information below:

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History of the Royal Anglesey Yacht Club

The Royal Anglesey Yacht Club can trace its roots back to 1802 when the Beaumaris Book Society was founded at the Ye olde Bulls Head Inn, Beaumaris.

In 1826 the society moved to number 6 Green Edge (where the club house is today) which became known as the “Newsroom on the green”.

Members from the society played a prominent part in the Beaumaris regatta of 1830 and in the years to come.

In 1885, the year after Bangor University was established; the club became the Royal Anglesey Yacht Club after Queen Victoria granted the club a Royal Warrant.  The first commodore of the Club was Sir Richard H Williams Bulkeley who served until his death in 1942.  He was also commodore of the Royal Yacht Squadron.

In September 1888 No 7 Green Edge was taken over as part of the club where they provided tea to members at 6p a head of which one penny went to club funds.

On the 12th July 1894 His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales cruised down the Strait. Owners of yachts were invited to assemble for a ‘demonstration’.  A salute of 21 saluting rockets was fired from Gallows Point as the Royal party passed.

A special General Meeting was held on the 4th May 1903 to resolve an alteration to rules so that Ladies could be elected as members.

The Club’s 150th anniversary Dinner Dance was held in the Bulkeley Arms on June 1952 when 119 members attended.

The Club premises at 6 and 7 Green Edge were purchased from the Beaumaris Council on 5th January 1962

The safety launch ‘Bronwen’, which is still used today, was presented to the Club in 1968 by the Commodore at that time Miss M. C. Burton

A full time bosun was employed from 1970.

The Centenary Ball to celebrate the granting of the Royal Warrant was held in 1985 at the Menai Centre, Llanfair PG. Two hundred and twenty members attended.



Our boats


Fife One Design
Fife One Design

In 1926 Messrs. W. and R. B. Fife of Fairlie were asked to draw up plans for a new class suitable for the waters of the Conway estuary and the Menai Strait. The waterline length to be limited to 16ft. and the maximum draught to 3ft.3ins. This was done; the length overall being 24ft.4ins., with a beam of 6ft.6ins. and an 18cwt. lead keel. 15 wood yachts were built by Messrs. A.M. Dickie & Sons of Bangor, and all but one are still in existence today. In 1933 the cost was £275 complete which included a £5 royalty to William Fife.   22 G.R.P. Fifes have been added to the fleet



Menai Strait One Design
Menai Strait One Design

The Menai Strait One Design Sloop was specially designed for the Strait waters by Mr. W. H. Rowland M.I.M.E. of Deganwy, for the builders Morris & Leavett of Gallows Point, Beaumaris, who had received orders for a 20ft sloop with a lifting centre plate which could be sailed at any state of the tide.

Four M.S.O.D’s were built in 1937 and four in 1938, also by this year the boat owners had organised weekly racing in Portdinorwic, where two boats were moored and off Gallows Point, Beaumaris, where a local poacher used his twelvebore shotgun to start the racing.

In August 1938 the owners decided to form their own club which would exclude paid hands (professional helmsmen) which was the format of other local clubs. One guinea subscription fee was collected from the owners and five shillings from associates. The CLUB was registered with the R.Y.A. in November 1938.

Two more M.SO.D’s were built in 1939, when the club decided that the letters MS be put on the mainsail, to help identification. This was why they were called the Marks & Spencers boat. A levy of ten shillings was also made on each member to contribute to the launch service. Racing Regulations were also made that each boat had to carry all gear supplied by the boat builders, which is still in force to this day with only a few minor exceptions.

After World War II, the Royal Anglesey Yacht Club invited all local clubs to join them in reinstating racing in the Strait. Since then the Menai Strait One Design Class has sailed under the R.A.Y.C. Burgee, however it has always maintained its club status.

Between the years of 1945 and 1952 the class was brought up to seventeen in number. H.M.S Conway recognised the M.S.O.D. as the ideal training boat for youngsters and used four M.S’s for 17 years and Beaumaris Sea Scouts had one for 6 years.

Over the next years some of the boats were taken away, five had engines put in and taken out, one has had a cabin built on, centre keel and bilge keels fitted, all since taken off. Of the seventeen built ALL are back in the North Wales area, being refurbished by new enthusiastic owners, who are restoring the M.S’s back to the original specifications.



Celtic Long Boat
Celtic Long Boat

The Celtic Long boat is a strict one-design based on the Irish Curragh and are raced throughout the year on the Menai Strait as well as around the rest of the UK.



Whilst not active at present, an Off-Shore Class programme can be made available for members.

In 1984 members competed in Cowes Week, the Clyde, the I.S.O.R.A. series and the Fastnet Race. At that time a full programme, consisting of a series of coastal races alternating with a series of inshore races, were completed and this can be reinstated should members require it.

Members of the Club have represented the Club in many prestigious events including Cowes Week, Antigua Week, the Fastnet Race and the Three Peaks Yacht Race.



National Squib

Again, not active at present, the “Squib” 19-ft. was designed by Oliver J. Lee and built by Hunter Boats Ltd., to meet the need for an inexpensive general purpose glass-fibre keelboat for One Design Club Racing and family day sailing.

The underwater lines of the hull are as fine as possible to give good performance in light airs and the sections above the waterline are flared out to a generous 6ft.-2ins. beam. This combined with a ballast ratio of 55 per cent gives ample stability and power to carry full sail in        Force 7.

The Class was adopted for racing by the Club in 1979 and the Royal Anglesey Squib Association was formed in 1983. The 1984 and 1985 National Champion was Mr. P.P. Dickie, crewed by Mr. M.F. Butterfield..