Management Committee

The RAYC is run by a team of volunteers:

Officers of the RAYC:

Commodore Mrs Stevie Scanlan
Vice Commodore Mr Dick Tudor
Rear Commodore Mrs Mary Flower
President Mr Gareth Dixon
Hon. Secretary Mr Tim Knowles
Hon. Treasurer Mr Dick Tudor
Hon. Membership Secretary Mr Barrie Yates
Hon. Sailing Captain Mr Jonathan Sweet
Hon. Training and Development Officer Mr Antony Robinson
Hon. Volunteer Co-ordinator Mr Hugo Breen-Turner

Management Committee (Chaired by the Commodore)

The officers of the Club and Mr Gavin Morgan, Mrs S Macvicar, Mrs R Colley-Jones, Mr R Beer, Mr T Walters.

Sailing Committee (Chaired by Vice Commodore)

Sailing Captain Mr John Sweet, Mr Hugo Breen-Turner (Fife), Miss Anna Pretious (MSOD) Mr Stephen Watson-Jones (Rowing), Mr Gavin Morgan, Mr Andrew Dickie (Race Admin) Mr Ray Beer, Mr Anthony Robinson, Mr R Tudor.

House Committee (Chaired by Rear Commodore)

Mr Gavin Morgan, Mr Mike Hardie, Mrs Rachel Robins / Mrs Rebecca Colley-Jones, Miss Nicki Yates, Mr Tim Walters, Ms Giovanna Culeddu, Mrs Cheryl Owen, Mrs Helen Gavin-Brown

Youth Sailing Group

Mrs Stevie Scanlan, Mr Antony Robinson, Mrs Elin Dillon, Mr Richard Tudor, Mr Gavin Morgan

RAYC Regalia: Please contact Miss Nicky Yates.