Menai Strait One Design

The Menai Strait One Design Sloop was specially designed for the Strait waters by Mr. W.H. Rowland M.I.M.E. of Deganwy, for the builders Morris & Leavett of Gallows Point, Beaumaris, who had received orders for a 20ft sloop with a lifting centre plate which could be sailed at any state of the tide.
In August 1938 the owners decided to form their own club which would exclude paid hands (professional helmsmen) which was the format of other local clubs. One guinea subscription fee was collected from the owners and five shillings from associates.
The CLUB was registered with the R.Y.A. in November 1938. Two more M.SOD's were built in 1939, when the club decided that the letters ‘MS' be put on the mainsail, to help identification. (This was why they were called the Marks & Spencers boat). Between the years of 1945 and 1952 the class was brought up to seventeen in number. All but one are back in the North Wales area, being refurbished by new enthusiastic owners, who are restoring them to the original specifications.

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