In 1926 Messrs. W. and R.B. Fife of Fairlie were asked to draw up plans for a new class suitable for the waters of the Conway estuary and Menai Strait. The waterline length to be limited to 16ft. and the maximum draught to 3ft.-3ins. This was done; the length overall being 24ft.-4ins., with a beam of 6ft-6ins. and an 18cwt. lead keel.
Fifteen were built by Messrs. A.M. Dickie & Sons of Bangor, and all but one are still in existence. In 1933 the cost was £275 complete, which included a £5 royalty to William Fife.
In recent years 22 G.R.P. Fifes have been added to the fleet. The current fleet consists of 33 yachts.

The Menai Strait One Design Sloop was specially designed for the Strait waters by Mr. W.H. Rowland M.I.M.E. of Deganwy, for the builders Morris & Leavett of Gallows Point, Beaumaris, who had received orders for a 20ft sloop with a lifting centre plate which could be sailed at any state of the tide.
In August 1938 the owners decided to form their own club which would exclude paid hands (professional helmsmen) which was the format of other local clubs. One guinea subscription fee was collected from the owners and five shillings from associates.
The CLUB was registered with the R.Y.A. in November 1938. Two more M.SOD’s were built in 1939, when the club decided that the letters ‘MS’ be put on the mainsail, to help identification. (This was why they were called the Marks & Spencers boat). Between the years of 1945 and 1952 the class was brought up to seventeen in number. All but one are back in the North Wales area, being refurbished by new enthusiastic owners, who are restoring them to the original specifications.

The “Squib” 19-ft. was designed by Oliver J. Lee and built by Hunters Boats Ltd., to meet the need of an inexpensive general purpose glassfibre keelboat for One Design Club Racing and family day sailing.
The underwater lines of the hull are as fine as possible to give good performance in light airs and the sections above the waterline are flared out to a generous 6ft.-2ins. beam. This combined with a ballast ratio of 55 per cent gives ample stability and power to carry full sail in Force 7.
The Class was adopted for racing by the Club in 1979 and the Royal Anglesey Squib Association was formed in 1983. The 1984 and 1985 National Champion was Mr. P.P. Dickie, crewed by Mr. M.F. Butterfield.

The Royal Anglesey decided to adopt the Optimist, as a training dinghy for its Cadets in 1993 and sponsorship to build an adequate fleet was sought. During the Menai Strait Regattas, on the thirteenth of August 1994, the fleet was launched and since then has been in constant use by the youngsters of Anglesey.
The Club itself sponsored the first boat and this was quickly followed by seven others. Since then we have received a custom built trailer from Manweb which allows more flexibility in the use of the fleet.
The Royal Anglesey Yacht Club would like to thank the following sponsors for their participation in this project.
Elizabeth Bradley Designs Ltd: John Edwards: ManwebMity Mussels and Castle Bakery: Morrisons Ltd.United Biscuits:
S. Webb & Sons: Welsh Water

Recently, members of the club have been purchasing Mirror dinghies and in 1998 the Club agreed to adopt the Mirror as another official Club Class.

Fife O. D.
Menai Strait O. D.
National Squib O. D.